Best of Reds.

Looking to buy sexy lingerie but not sure what to get, or maybe you have a vague idea of the styles that you would like to buy but hesitant because you are not certain on how it will look? Well, you have come to the right place.

Lingerie is an aspect of fashion that is often not considered in popular media probably because we are not always able to display them. This, however, cannot take away from the necessity and importance of lingerie. Simply putting on the right set can boost your confidence level and set the tone of a night. That being said, it is not exactly the easiest thing to shop for.

Colors are great ways to send nonverbal messages to others, this is because they are receptors that we associate with certain moods or activities, meaning the right color can take the stress out of choosing an appropriate style or design. That is why today we are going to be exploring the importance of red when shopping for erotic lingerie in Canada when we buy lingerie in Ottawa

Getting bodysuit lingerie or a bralette? Red is a color associated with boldness; this means no matter the length of your lingerie red is a color that is sure to make it stand out. Think of pairing smaller reds with a darker shade such as black, navy blue, or midnight blue.

Red also sets the perfect tone for a night of seduction or simple erotic fun, teddy lingerie or corset and matching garters? Red is equally associated with sex, this means regardless of how daring and explicit your choice of lingerie is, having it in red ensures that the right message is being sent.

Reds are also great for accessorizing; this means adding little hints of red on your outfit or the room in question is sure to make a difference.

Lastly, reds are equally associated with danger, talk about turning up the heat with color, whether you are wearing a slip or sexy lingerie, red is sure to increase the chemistry in the room.

Don’t thank me, thank their receptors!

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*Ofcourse verbal consent should be established in all circumstances.

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