Feeling Stuck? Here’s 5 Ways to Romance Your Wife Today.


So, you’re looking up ways to romance your wife- that is an absolutely fantastic start! For most woman, it really is the thought that counts, so you’re half way there already.

Read on for five ways that you can start romancing your wife today- and I guarantee that she’ll love you even more for it.

  1. Encourage Her

This one might seem obvious, but it is so important. Woman want to be encouraged (who doesn’t?), and to feel valued. Let her know that you appreciate her hard work and offer her encouragement in the good times and the bad. This will help her feel connected and valued, which is a very powerful thing.

  1. Listen to Her

When your wife talks, make it a point to listen. Pause the video you’re watching or stop what you’re doing. Make her your focus and really take in what she is saying. Next time you want to surprise her, consider what she wants and needs (if you’ve been listening, this will be easy), and surprise her with it. If she feels you’re too critical, make a point of working on it. Showing her that you listen is very valuable.

  1. Be a Gentleman

Open doors for her. Take her on a date. Tell her that she is beautiful. Treat her like the lady she is and be the gentleman she deserves. This shows her that you respect her and is a very romantic gesture that she will absolutely appreciate.

  1. Surprise Her

Take the time to surprise your wife! This might mean buying her flowers on your way home from work, or a little gift that you know she’s been wanting. On the other hand, it might mean planning a date night, or offering to cook dinner. Surprises are romantic, especially when that are well thought-out and tailored to her wants and needs.

  1. Prioritize her

Is your wife a priority in your life? I hope so! Let her know that she is your priority. Take time off work to spend time with her occasionally. Offer to look after the kids so that she has time to breathe. When she is talking to her, give her your undivided attention. Let her know that she is wanted and loved- always. It will make such a difference in her life.

Now that you’ve read out ideas, hopefully you’ll be inspired to act. Start today and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results- your wife will be pleasantly surprised too! Remember, she’s your partner in this life- treat her right and the journey will be so much more enjoyable.

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