How to woo your man!

There are so many reasons to want to make your husband want you. Maybe you’ve been through a stressful period and you’ve drifted apart. Maybe you’re coming out of the new-baby phase of life, and you desperately want to put the spark back.

Whatever the reason that you want to seduce your man, we’ve got you covered. Read on for 7 ways to make your husband want you desperately (number 3 is a real keeper!).

  1. Start in The Morning

If you really want to get him interested, then don’t wait until the last minute. Start early in the morning and keep it going throughout the day. Give him a lingering, passionate kiss before he leaves for work in the morning and send him a few seductive texts throughout the day. Keep the tension going and building throughout the day. It will drive him crazy.

  1. Make Him a Priority

You have work, you have kids, you have a social life! Your life isn’t all about him, and that’s okay. But if you don’t make him a priority (and a top one), then that spark is going to fade. Take the time to do things for him, listen to him, make his favorite dish or give him a lingering hug. If your man feels important and valued, he’s far more likely to desire you.

  1. Make a Change!

When was the last time you had a haircut? When was the last time you bought, or wore, sexy lingerie around him? Change it up! Color your hair, put on bold lipstick and shimmy into a sexy dress. A big, visual change can be a huge boost to the libido (for both of you!).

  1. Be Mysterious

If you want to seduce your husband, then you need to keep some mystery. If you’re married, then your husband probably knows everything there is to know about you. Change that! I don’t mean keep deep, dark secrets, but maybe keep a bit of mystery. Get dressed in a different room before a date, and don’t tell him every boring detail about your day. Keep some mystery and surprise and it is sure to inject some much-needed passion into your relationship.

  1. Flaunt It

You know what I mean. That sexy mini dress that shows off just enough leg. That shirt that dips a little lower than you usually go. Flaunt your body and make sure that your husband knows it. If he has a favorite outfit (that he loves to see you in), then dust it off, and prepare to love the results!

  1. Positivity

A woman who is positive is a joy to be around. It can be so easy to criticize and complain in a relationship (about him, about your co-workers, etc.). Thing is, that can be an absolute mood killer! Instead, take a day and try and focus on the positives instead. Compliment your husband on the good he does and try and see things in a different light. Chances are, both you and your husband will feel better (and far more in the mood!)

  1. Admire Him

This goes without saying. Everyone loves to be complimented and feel appreciated. Everyone loves to feel desired. Make sure that your husband knows how much he means to you. Compliment him honestly and let him know, through actions and words, that you admire him. Not only is this a great ego boost, but it fosters intimacy too.

Which tip are you most eager to try out? Personally, I think I need to work on tip number 6 in my relationship! Try these ideas out today and I guarantee that you’ll have results. They might not appear straight away, but if you do these things consistently, the passion will come flooding back into your marriage (and don’t we all secretly long for that?).

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