You’re a Doll!

Not many grown men like to play with dolls, but when you incorporate this activity into role playing ideas, it can give sex a whole new spin.

If you like playing the master in BDSM, you like having the sense of control. And what’s easier to control than a doll?

To play out doll and collector sex role playing character ideas start out by unwrapping your new doll. You can comb her hair, oil her skin, polish her nails and dress her in any outfit you choose.

Of course, all this sensual touching will start to get you turned on. Your arousal will be all the more delightful when you find out your doll is anatomically correct!

The nice thing about a doll is you can pose her any which way your please. You can manipulate her body into any number of positions to make sex more pleasurable. And once she is positioned, she will be unable to move which can make things even kinkier.

Of course, it is logical for the woman to be the doll and the man to be the collector, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun by switching things up. To keep things fresh, try having the women be the collector checking out her brand new Ken doll.

If you are looking for role playing ideas to bring into the bedroom, the collector and doll scenario can be one of the kinkiest and the most exciting. How will you be living out this fantasy with your partner tonight?

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